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Welcome to Adair Homes

Welcome to the Adair Homes Treasure Valley Office!

We're so glad that you have chosen to take the first step in finding a quality new home that will stand the test of time and leave you with nothing but appreciation for years to come. We serve the Metropolitan area of Boise, ID and are located in Caldwell, ID. We do things differently at Adair Homes. We build homes that cost the same as some of those "cookie cutter" builders, but every ounce of our homebuilding concept revolves around providing you a product that will last. You might have seen our sign near Interstate 84 and wondered "What makes them so different?"

In a nutshell:

  1. Our customers enjoy instant equity upon moving into their homes.
  2. We engineer our homes with the strictest of standards so that they last.
  3. We use 39 years of ingenuity to make a better home for less money.
  4. We believe so deeply in home ownership that we would rather do things that help improve our customer's lives than stuff our pockets with excess profits.
  5. Our whole homebuilding concept is designed to improve your financial future, so there is never a bad time to build a new Adair Home.

Don't let the real estate market scare you from learning the benefits of Adair Homes. You might not be in the market yourself, but who do you know that can benefit from a more solid financial future? A friend? A family member? There's a reason we have built over 12,000 homes since 1969 and it's a reason worth knowing.